Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haters and Lovers

For every action, there will be a reaction. The reaction could be favorable or less favorable. To the favorables, we memorize the steps in achieveing it so that we could repeat it. Taking blogging as an example, the best part for me is working on the less favorables. In laymen term: working with the haters.

There are be many types of haters. There could be haters because of what I wrote. Haters because of what I stand for. Haters because of the way I design my blog. Or haters simply because they have a reputation to uphold. I usually park the latter (because that is easy) and focus more on the first two types.

Some people may hate me for what I write. As a blogger, I must admit that the kick of having a "daily-updated blog" is getting to me. Thus sometimes I do write messy things and people get confused by it. Heck, I myself get confused all the time. But when replying the comments to THAT messy entry, I am usually more focused and will change my perspective if I was proven wrong or shallow. In this blog for example, I abuse this knowledge by purposely portraying a wrong image and wait if the person come to rectify me. If they don't come, oh well, I move on.

Some people may hate me for what I stand for. The AKUSKIZO blog is one of such example. Some REAL schizophrenics hate me because I use the medical term as my blog's title, as if mocking those who suffers the sickness. Or the copy-paste issue (refer Popular Post at sidebar). I like playing around with this kinda people because they have different perspective than mine and this differences help in boosting my learning curve in the blogging world and in understanding myself. And most of the time, in order to keep them the way they are (egoistic and feeling self-righteousness so that they will come and correct me in the future), I let them win the discussion (or have the last say).

Mostly the haters are there because of misunderstanding. I believe nobody (in their sane mind) wants to be a villain in this world. There must be a reason to why a person is behaving the way they do. Especially the naughty ones. Exception to those who are mentally ill. They need to be segregated from the society before they start infecting others. Insanity is infectious!

The point here, whenever we encounter these s-o cussing and saying gibberish in our comment box, give them some space. Help them letting it all out first by enhancing their hate. After all their bullets have run out, then only we talk to them nicely.

Happy commenting! Hehehe.

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