Monday, December 6, 2010

Komen kepada: Rage against Faggotry

(laaa hai..kesian dark... amender la lu ni hellioz and the geng...tak baik buat camtu kat dia...)

Kepada semua, kat sini saya dedahkan sebuah af'al yang tak baik sebagai sempadan. Semoga kita jangan buat macam dia ni. Nanti Allah tarik balik kelebihan yang dah diberi, baru padan muka dan terhegeh-hegeh nak mintak ampun..Amma ba'du.

Anyway, allow me to explain the contradicting comments between the 1st and the latter.

1st time tu, dia bercakap dengan aku. Remark dia dalam ni yang buatkan kau perasan tu ialah sarcastic remark sebenarnya. Sebab aku tak suka dia bercakap dengan aku sambil memburukkan orang lain. Dia muallaf, so dia nak belajar bercakap style payabesarpedas.

Second remark tu  ialah emotional sebab ko attack aku. Dia memang undeniably emo sikit.

Aku suka comment yang emo sebab itu lebih baik dari komen mangkuk macam 'heh' atau 'lolz' atau 'gyahaha' yang tak membantu.
Some people fuel on hatred to increase the traffic to their blog
And by the way, when you start to see the finger in every nook and corner in your life, I suppose, they were meant for you. Because nobody is seeing it, except YOU.

Anyway, in case you didn't notice, we DO love you. Checkit out here...

So there you have it. I know you were waiting for me to link it all up for you..So, there you go.

He's not a faggot. I'm not a faggot. And due to this, we feel like fucking with you because you are such a whiny bitch.

Don't cuss if you can't take one...

And thanks for the trolling...

Komen kepada: Juru-Rancangan

Entry asal:

nih hape ke jadah la substring nih susah sangat nak compile. penat dah aku nak declare object tu function nih. run je laaa!!! selesai keje aku. demmit. sape nak keje mencabar wei? sila la email aku CV korang. aku dgn rela hati akan bagi experience yg bagus untuk korang.


Salam Cik Ururu,

As much as I would like to comment your whole web-log, or the Melayu-Islamic related entry dated Nov 23rd, or the contradicting entries between the one dated Nov 26th with Nov 30th, I picked the one that bored me most: this one. It's lame, it's degrading, and it's sure bring alot of memories, personally.

Some people like obstacles. They see it as challenges that makes them better at what they do. Obstacles gives them that special 'energy' after they get through it. It gives them the fix and kicks that keeps them ticking in the company. This kind of people are usually the muscle of a company. They rarely think but when they do, they couldn't stop until the problem is solved.

In the wonderful world of working life, we need to understand what we are being paid for, our strength and weaknesses, and the right moments to raise the white flag quickly if the work is beyond our capability or capacity. If the work is easy, our boss would get an intern to do it for them. If it's too hard, they'd hire a vendor and learn from it. Either ways, it's up to us the cooleee, to move the load and turn the task's status from red to yellow to green. One way or another.

From my limited experience in programming, the solution to your problem could be as simple as a 'misplaced commas' or 'unclosed brackets' or improperly defined objects in your subroutines. I couldn't give a specific solution as your entry did not describe specifically the 'error' found. I'd propose you try to understand the program flow by debugging it row by row until the point where the compiler found the error.

And no. Being an engineer is not as simple as you say it is. We have bigger things to solve than to entertain lazy, whiny programmers who are not detail enough while reading the manual. So we just give them short retorts like the one in your example to save OUR time.

Dahla kerja dok atas kerusi ajer, suruh baca buku manual pun pemalas, nak siapkan program pun nak mencarut-carut. Mai la dok bawah keta ni cari kat mana punca bacaan meter tu tak tepat kalau hero sangat.
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