Sunday, February 20, 2011

Komen kepada Gentleman Frog

Entry yang menginspirasikan aku:

Salam Cik GentlemanFrog,

At first glance I thought I was entering an oversea blog like from an American or a Dutch guy. Then I note the 'salam' banner and the tagline. Skipped the Valentine article and went straight to the TQ  DR F. Then to the ANGST article. Then I can't stop pressing the "older post" button to know more about Mr. G-Frog.

From your entries, sounds like you're having panic attack whenever you think that you're sick. I ain't a doctor but I think you need to work on this before going out and socializing. You're panic because you're afraid of losing control. In this case, you're afraid of losing control over your health. This is amplified especially when it comes to sickness.

The first thing to do whenever you're strike with such attack is to chant the syahadah. Then selawat. Then Istighfar until you're bored. Then you chant "Ya zal Jalaliwal ikram, amitna 'ala dinil Islam". Insya Allah, youre pounding heart will start to slow down.

While chanting, you confront the sickness with logic. If you're having  gastric attack for example, ask yourself did you skipped a meal or did you ate the wrong food or things like that. Try to understand why you're having it that time. There must be a reason that triggered it. Usually when we know more about our problem, we'd tend to be more relaxed in handling them. Take mental notes about the lesson learned and try to avoid the sickness next time.

Weather change usually affect people with low immunity . Most of us might appear healthy but when exposed to weather change, we easily catch a cold and feeling drowsy. Especially to those who work in a confined, air-conditioned area (most Malaysian start to enter this region at their 30's). For these kinda people, it is recommended not to ever drink cold drinks or take oily food. Always stick with hot drinks as it elevates the body temperature and helps our immune system in killing the intruding viruses. And flush the dead viruses with lotsandlotsof clear boiled water.

On another note, try to think less about your health (but do take good care of it). Try not to talk or blog about it. The more you talked about it, the more concerned you are for it. Try to see things differently. Write short stories. Write appreciation articles.

Hope whatever I write here helps. hehehe
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