Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recommendation: See

Updated daily!

Action speaks louder than words.
Picture shouts thousands of actions!
And this blog do well in promoting the artist featured.

I hope Cik Diane Irby put a short remark as the caption for each picture. Something to remind ourselves about the feeling at the moment we write the caption. And maybe put some technical details about the art like the size, the medium used or the phylosophy behind it.

I haven't come across such a blog from Malaysia but that's probably because I got carried away by the blogging instead of 'art'. I need to slow down on my internet intake. I gotta lay down.

And continue looking for more strange things here...

Lu apahal? Nak Gado?

Lu apa hal daring-daring wa satu macam? 
Buntang-buntang mata cam sial, sekali wa lempang, kang!

Nahh...Tempe yang tak tahan tuuu
Nak lagi? Nah! Kau..

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