Monday, November 1, 2010

komen: menweolisus blog

I knew about this blog thru null and alternate, so ahmad farid, please blame cero.

When I visit a blog, I'd checkout the latest entry. Then the number of visitors against the start date of the blog. Then I take note of the number of comments received, and what kind that received the most. If I find one that has many comments, I'd have to check each comment one by one. I count the number of commentors and the length of each comment. And maybe reread the entry few times to see if I could laugh twice at the same joke. 

Why go thru all these hassles? Because I would like to know the identity potrayed by the blog. It tells me something about the owner. I love meeting and learning about new personalities (especially those that hates me) because through them, I learn more about Him.

Your blog however, don't have any of the above. So as a lazy commentor who blogs from a CC, I'm putting on my Sherlock Holmes hat and continue browsing your entries.

Although your entries are tickling the right areas, there are not many of them to gratify an itching curiosity. Plus the frequency of update is getting lesser by the month. Maybe you just started working and the end of year is the most busy part in a working calendar. Or maybe your life is getting better since you don't escape much from the 'harsh reality' recently. The latest entry suggested that the last time you escaped was thru learning about the Nirvana band. (Or is it just Kurt Cobain? ;p) Music has been your escapism. This is evident by the range of genre of music selections you put on the side bar.

The striking 'ART not ADS' banner at the top gives a good blow to those who blog for money like me. Everybody has their own blog (opinion). Some may respect you for that. But some might get the wrong impression that your blog is not marketable. Either way, I think you care less.

Nuff said.


theSkycrapper said...

The latest entry suggested that the last time you escaped was thru learning about the Nirvana band. (Or is it just Kurt Cobain? ;p)

should mean what?

Irwan said...

most people like nirvana because of kurt cobain (his life, his phylosophy, his stand in the seatle underground scene). Everybody knows kurt was the brain behind this band.

while some others, really like nirvana because of the band. most od these kinda follower, still follow dave grohl's band (i forgot what's the name).

your entry did not mentioned why specifically...

theSkycrapper said...

its called foo fighters dude..btw..christ band called sweet 57..didnt know what their status now since christ is now a music journalist (didnt sure where).

theSkycrapper said...

ops..sweet 75..sory.

Irwan said...

Yup..I like nirvana because of kurt, by the way. I am one of those posers who listen to them because of the 'Unplugged' album

Dark Half said...

hey, i luv eddie vedder btw..huhu

Irwan said...

cute la ko ni dark..mesti nak celahhh

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