Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Mila the day dreamer

I love reading. Especially paperback books while traveling or when we have vacations. You don't even need to travel to visit in other countries and cultures if your read the books from there. I believe that studying in school is not that important but reading is. Everybody should have an opportunity learn to read. You can be a self-made genious and teach yourself from the books and internet...

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Hi Adele,

I was blogwalking the other day and was attracted to dig further into yours because of the header. Mila is so cute! Well, at least until they are 16.

I used to consider reading as my hobby. There was a point in my life that I read almost everything that has alphabet in it. Signboards, flyers, even the ingredient list of a can of tuna at the store. It was painful. Reading is an escapism for me. Now, I resort to writting.

I find it amusing to learn that you read when travelling. Personally, reading is the last thing on my mind when I'm on vacation. I'd spend my time admiring the scenery or trying to communicate with the locals whenever possible.

Judging from the number of books, I'd guess you and Lasse like travelling very much.

My wife and I also love travelling. But recently we are so caught up trying to understand OUR Mila's day-dreams, that we have forgotten about travelling. Or reading, sometimes.

Therefor, Thank God for Blogs...


Dark Half said...

i just luv the way she put up the books and make 'em look like her mom-in-law?lol

the family tree is cool too! typical scandinavian artwork. walking into her blog is like being inside IKEA. or it's just me

Irwan said... too

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