Thursday, January 6, 2011

Komen kepada: Gregory Luke

Entry asal:

...On August 22nd 2010 Luke had angrily pulled out the plug of a sound system in a mosque near his home in Kuta, Lombok, after complaining that a prayer reading being held was too loud and distorted. Local residents then became angry with him, went to his home and ransacked it, causing about 200 million rupiah damage; no-one has been prosecuted for this crime. Luke was later arrested and charged with blasphemy....


Hello David,

It is common in Malaysian mosque to blast the speaker early in the morning. And it is also considered blasphomous here if anybody complain about the amplitude of the wave. Leave alone walking into a mosque and unplugging the stereo before the songs reach the chorus.

However, those vandalising Mr. Gregory's retreat will endup in jail if they practice the same street justice here.

Mr. Greg probably had it bottled up in him prior to event. The guesthouse must've been in the neighborhood for quiet some time so there must be another reason as to why he snapped on THAT particular day.

Moderation is the key in global times. Those who are extreme, like Mr. Greg's neighborhood hoodlums, clearly have never been outside his kampung.

If they ever went to Sri Lanka, they'd be ashamed by the level of tolerance the Buddhist have towards the local muslim. If they ever visit Japan or Korea, they'd be surprised by how well people over there treat people who wear serban or burqa.

As long as we don't stray on other people's lanes, human CAN live in harmony EVEN when we are moving in opposite directions. Common sense is a two way street. I tend to agree with Berlian Biru's comment.

What we (especially the muslim) got to learn from this incident is to find a harmonious solution whenever dealing with such actions.

And only air the azan, not the whole Al-Quran (without anybody appreciating/listening to it)

Great info!


eszol said...

Leave alone walking into a mosque and unplugging the stereo before the songs reach the chorus.

gua benci jagk

bila gua tgh baca along ayat or selawat ttbe silent

siot gua nyanyi sgsorg

Irwan said...

pada aku, kalau dia bukak lagu atau selawat lagi OK dari dia bukak bacaan ayat Al-Quran yang takde sapa yang dengar (termasuk aku)

Dark Half said...

silap besar la kalau sbg minority nak buat hal kat 'rumah' org lain. kena hormat adab kandang masing2

Irwan said...

..dan aku harap oranh Islam kat Malaysia tunjukkan akhlak yang lebih baik dari apa yang berlaku kat Lombok tu...

kat street justice takde...street riot selalu lah..pastu serah memorandum

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