Thursday, February 10, 2011

Komen kepada: A hungry man.

Entry asal:

Excuse me people.
Do you not understand it is a man's need to eat?
To swallow it whole?
Like a python devouring his food.

NEVER EVER not scrape the bones. Best part!

There may be times where I, well, space out and well.. before I know it, the shared food became MY food.
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Waddap G? 

I saw you snoopin around my joints the other day thru the nuffnang site, so I come to check YOU out. My, cool blog you got there, bro. Hei, do you really work for nuffnang? Can you do something about my earnings? I want to sell my old car and get a new one. Anyway, here's my comment for this entry:

I agree that we need to finish our meal. Malaysian should reduce the amount of food they throw away in the thrash can. We should only take what we need and finish what we put in our plates. Don't take what we're not sure we could finish. It's not about saving the money or food for the greater good or things like that. For me, I think of it like this:

Imagine a cat meow-ing beside you, while you're eating chicken rice at a warung. You throw a chunk of meat to the cat. But the cat just sniffed the chunk, licked it a few times, make a disgusted face, and then fleet off the scene. How would that make you feel?
That is how I feel if the rezki I have in front of me is not well managed or used. A good cat should finish his chunk of meat.

And no matter how intriguingly funny I might sound with the meow-ing cat example, that doesn't mean I could eat my meal any way I want. We must respect the food. We must treat them differently like the way we treat our socks, the car, our chair or the barley-making girl. Again, we go back to the meow-ing cat:

Imagine instead of eating the piece of chunk we threw at him, the cat eat it ruthlessly and smear stain and oil all over the floor.

Or the cat just looked at the piece by moving its head a little bit, uninterested. Then it put its right paw on it as if saying "so?"

I think that is why there's table manners or adab makan as the Malay call it. Like we must cut our meal in bite size so it fits into our mouth. Or chew our meal quietly or talk slowly while eating.

But I always wondered, why do you guys use the left hand to eat?
Is there any reason?

May I propose another way? I propose we eat using the right hand.
Because the left hand we use for you know what. So we segregate. Cool or not?

Nicky conveying his feelings

I hope you hang around here often.

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