Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Special News Buletin

"We're sorry to interrupt this program to bring you a special NEWS BULETIN from the tukang komen himself"

To Cik Asmaroro, about me posting the picture, I am truly sorry. Hope you like John Travolta.

And about me calling you Jomblo, I'm sorry too. Just checking if you were reading the other entries after what had happend.

And I admire your point of view. Your perspective is an ideal case for a muslimah. I hope you can adjust well once the term 'family' for you is handed over to your husband.

Of course family stick forever (more like 'stuck' to me). We can't change our DNA blueprints, can we? That's a silly statement.
Friends come and go so don't get too excited when they do. Because for girls, you won't have time for your friends once you're married...

But my point of view in that entry was meant for the electrical/electronic engineering guys in UNITEN, which I think need to congregate and communicate more especially once they got married.


You see Cik Asmaroro, electrical engineers aren't like mechanical engineers. Mech Engineering students are good in networking and keeping it after they grad from university. EE guys don't really talk with each other, even among EE guys. This is a Uniten trend.

And what does all of this got anything to do with you?

Just the fact that you're from UNITEN. That's all.

Anyway Cik Asma, great family you have there. You're the only girl in your family, eh? A celebrated princess, la ni?

Is your mother a Malay?


eszol said...

nak pasang bini no 2 ke wan?

Al said...

Waah scuba bkn main lg..

apepun ak bangga jd EE guy

cme x ikut trend uniten

Irwan said...

Al: kau dah kawin ke? kalau belum kawin, jgn cakap kau dah terselamat. Kau tengok la nantik. Aku bukan doakan, cuma mencabar kau untuk buktikan yang aku salah...

Eszol : nombor 2: pekejadah aku nak nombor 2? yang nombor satu pun tak menang tangan...

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